How to Apply Vehicle Decals

Applying your own customized vehicle decals can be very quick and easy. You just need a little knowledge, enough guidance, and some helpful tips.

• Prepare all the materials and tools you need - squeegee, masking tape, and application spray.

• Before installing your vinyl sheets, you need to make sure that the surface of your vehicle is clean and decontaminated. This is important so you can make a good adhesion. To do so, use a sponge or a clean piece of cloth and wash the surface of your vehicle with soap and warm water. Use a lint-free cloth to dry the surface.

• To finalize the cleaning process, wipe the entire area with rubbing alcohol using a lint-free cloth or towel. Make sure you wipe in one direction only to prevent recontamination.

• Temperature could affect the results so before applying your vinyl decals, make sure that the temperature of your vehicle's surface must be within 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. You could test the temperature by touching the surface of your vehicle. If it is too hot for your sense of touch, most probably the temperature is more than 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Basically, your vinyl decals will become brittle when the weather is too cold and gooey when the weather is too hot. When you apply your decals without following the recommended range in temperature, you might not get best results with regards to adhesiveness of your decals or vinyl sheets.

• There are two methods to apply vinyl -- wet or dry process. When you choose the dry process, you should be very accurate and sure because once your decals or sheets touch the surface of your vehicle, you cannot remove it without any damage. On the other hand, the wet process involves using application spray. This is a better way since such product allows you to reposition your decals or sheets if necessary. However, if you need to move them, do it speedily before your decals completely stick on the surface of your vehicle. If it is your first time to apply decals or vinyl sheets, or if you lack experience in doing so, go with the wet process of installation.

• Lay your sheet on an even surface then spray the adhesive side of your vinyl while you are peeling off the backing. Place the vinyl on the surface of your vehicle then slightly stretch the vinyl while doing so.

• Then squeegee the newly applied vinyl to make it more adhesive. Also, you use this tool to get rid of fluid residues or air underneath the vinyl. Remember, always squeegee in one direction only, preferably from the center outward.

Article Source: Liz Servito

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