Detailing A Vehicle's Exterior

Many people haven't a clue what it means to have a vehicle detailed. However, being the owner of an onsite automobile detailing company for the past five years, I make it my business to be a detail authority. In the paragraphs to come, I will explain thoroughly what it means to receive a basic exterior detail.

Over the years, I've amassed more equipment, chemicals and knowledge than I'll probably ever use. The knowledge is here to stay, but the equipment and chemicals have been tailored to only what I need to efficiently service a vehicle. The heart and soul of my operation are my truck and trailer. Because my business services customers at their location, the truck with a towing package and trailer hitch is essential. The 4x8 trailer houses everything necessary to get the actual job done. The following list itemizes precisely the materials that I carry to every detail: 65 gallon water tank with water, pressure washer with 50 ft hose, generator, heated carpet extractor, shop vacuum, orbital buffer, retractable extension cord, microfiber towels, tire brush, upholstery brush, long handled hard bristle brush, long handled soft bristle brush, 5 gallon bucket, car wash soap, detailer's wax, tire shine, window cleaner, carnauba wax, polish, degreaser, upholstery/carpet cleaner, leather/vinyl conditioner, and air freshener. However, for a strictly exterior detail, some of these items will not be used.

Instant Oil Change Locations - Get The Most Out of Them

When car owners are aware of the small repair services to be done on their vehicles, they need not worry about visiting a mechanic shop since these small services can be obtained whenever, they visit instant oil change locations that assure service within 10 minutes. This is because in addition to changing the oil, some of the locations are offering a plethora of additional services. For instance, there are some service providers offering the service of changing of tires to the vehicles and only when the owners are aware of the condition of the tires in their vehicles, they can get the service instantly from oil changing service provider.

Most of the manufacturers of cars state that the tires in a car should be converted once in every 40,000 miles and owners can get the details regarding the same from the dealers from whom they are purchasing the car. Once the time limit for the car tire has reached, the owners can obtain the service of changing the tire when they visit the oil change location.

Ways To Clean Alloy Wheels And Advantages

Alloy wheels for automobiles that are made from the alloys of magnesium and aluminium are far more superior to steel wheels. These are light in weight, have aesthetic appeal and superior performance, which have made the alloy wheels a stupendous hit ever since they were launched.

Alloy wheels offer many choices in sizes, shapes and colours to suit the needs of the discerning automobile owners. The smaller vehicles typically go for the Three Spoke Wheels while the most common types of five and Six Spoke Wheels suit any type of larger automobiles. The Twin and Multi Spoke Wheels are for sports cars and luxury cars, which will enhance the classy look of the automobiles.

The manufacturing process of alloy automobile wheels include various stages like low pressure casting, gravity casting, high pressure die casting and forging. There are many advantages which make it far more superior than their ordinary counterparts. Being light in weight, alloy wheels in your vehicle reduce the unsprung mass of the vehicle, which in turn will increase the road grip, suspension and stability. Lower unsprung mass is important for maintaining an optimum contact with the surface of the road.

Car Washer Machine for Cleaning Vehicle Interiors

Vehicle interiors should be cleaned only with the best-quality car wash equipment. You would keep facing problems, such as frequent equipment malfunction and low productivity, with low-quality equipment. When purchasing car wash equipment, make sure that the machine is designed for commercial applications. Commercial car wash equipment offer the following benefits:

Cleaning windows and dashboard
Everything from the dashboard to windows can be cleaned with a steam vapor machine. However, this machine cannot clean car exteriors. You need a pressure washer for that purpose. The dry vapor machine is fitted with brushes, squeegees, and other accessories that help clean surfaces as varied as vinyl, fabric, and glass.

Removing chewing gum
Discarded chewing gum wads are best removed with car wash equipment fitted with gum removal kits.

How to Apply Vehicle Decals

Applying your own customized vehicle decals can be very quick and easy. You just need a little knowledge, enough guidance, and some helpful tips.

• Prepare all the materials and tools you need - squeegee, masking tape, and application spray.

• Before installing your vinyl sheets, you need to make sure that the surface of your vehicle is clean and decontaminated. This is important so you can make a good adhesion. To do so, use a sponge or a clean piece of cloth and wash the surface of your vehicle with soap and warm water. Use a lint-free cloth to dry the surface.

• To finalize the cleaning process, wipe the entire area with rubbing alcohol using a lint-free cloth or towel. Make sure you wipe in one direction only to prevent recontamination.

How to Measure Head, Tail and Fog Lights for Tinting

Optically-clear film for the main and secondary lamps of automobiles is one of the most well-known automobile components on the tuning and detailing scene in the last several years. In the following brief guide we will offer recommendations for just how much material would be needed to finish any given job and preserve you both money in the long run.

How to Determine the Roll Size Needed
Although we will give you the estimated lengths needed for each type of job later we want to first offer you a more detailed understanding of how to measure the areas to be wrapped with tint film. You will need the following supplies:
• String or a measuring tape
• A Sharpie or pen to mark the string
• Masking or low-tac tape to hold your measure in place

The Advantages Of Personalised Reg Plates

Not so long ago few individuals were able to have private reg plates on their cars - most people simply used the plates the car was issued with to begin with. These days however, things have changed quite a bit. As private reg plates became more popular among the rich and famous, they've since caught on elsewhere and these days all sorts of people decide to buy personalised number plates for their vehicles.

But why should you bother getting your own plates if you already get regular plates whenever you purchase a car? You'll discover a number of reasons why you might decide to give some thought to this, and listed below are three of the best.

Personalise Your Car

What To Do After A Dyno Tune

For anyone modifying their vehicle with aftermarket parts, a dyno tune is vital to ensure the car is functioning properly. Not only will professional technicians determine if the installation was done correctly, but they can fine-tune the vehicle to make sure it is optimizing the modifications. This, however, is not the end of the story. One major mistake made by car enthusiasts time and time again is not doing the follow up necessary after the dyno tune. This article will give an overview of other important things to keep in mind after you've driven home.

Check Fluids

Check your fluids daily. For people who are advocates of chemical augmentation (alcohol, water injection, NO2), it's your responsibility to check those fluids daily.

Why LED Lights Make Perfect DRLs

Lately you may have noticed an increasing number of cars with luminous "eyebrows" driving around.

That is because the European Union recently passed a directive making dedicated daytime running lights (DRL) a mandatory requirement on all new passenger cars and small delivery vehicles approved on or after the 7 February 2011. From August 2012 this will be extended to all buses and trucks as well.

What are DRL?

DRLs are bright, forward-facing lights situated alongside or beneath a car's existing headlamps and are designed to make a vehicle more conspicuous to other road users during the day.

Tinted Windows Saved a Life

A few years ago around the holidays, a woman was shopping at a mall in the evening after work. So that she may remain anonymous, we will call her Kathy. Trying to fit holiday shopping into a busy work schedule can be difficult, and to take advantage of this opportunity, Kathy decided to push through and finish all of her shopping in this one evening. Despite the crowd inside the mall when she first arrived after work, the crowd soon thinned out after the dinner hours passed and people started to head home for the evening.

Shorter Lines, Faster Shopping

Stopping only for a very quick bite of dinner herself, Kathy was moving well from store to store, marking items off her shopping list.